The Zizin Tour of the Midlands Rally 2020

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The 2020 Zizin Tour of the Midlands Rally will take place on the 22nd of August using RFactor. The event will consist of 16 stages covering just over 85 miles of special stages, with stages both in the day and the night. The rally will be simulated to take place over the span of a day. The event harks back to the tour events of the early 70s, traversing a region and running through each stage just once with remote servicing along the way.


Sunday 21st June - Entries open

Saturday 8th August - Recce videos released, passworded track pack made available to download.

Thursday 20th August 11PM UTC - Normal entries closed for seeding.

Friday 21st August 11PM UTC - Late entries close and skinpack deadline

Saturday 22nd August:

12PM UTC - Skinpack released

7PM UTC - Mandatory drivers briefing on mumble and the trackpack password will be given out during the briefing, once finished the server goes up and the event begins, name is WAT: The Zizin Tour of the Midlands Rally pw is ihavereadregs


Entries must be made before the late entries time otherwise you will not be able to participate. To enter the event go to the google doc and fill in the entry form [1]. There will also be an entry update form if you decide to change co-driver or car.

Rules & Procedure[edit]

Presence on mumble will be mandatory, you don't have to talk, you just need to be there to listen to instructions.

The trackpack will be passworded until just before the event to prevent pre-event practising.

Start times will be based on seeded position and there will be 30 second gaps between each competitor starting the first stage of the current map. For any additional stages on the same map there will be no set starting time as this will be too difficult to manage on a logistics basis so to do a legitimate start on these stages you will simply need to start from a standing start. Failure to start any of these stages from a standing start will be seen as a jump start and will incur a 1 minute penalty. Repeat offenders will be disqualified and removed from the event. If you're confused on how this works go watch Lancer's video of the last event. [2]

You must use the skin which has your name and number on it, if you do not you will be kicked from the session.

There will be minimum and maximum stage times for this event like in real rallies, which mean if anyone goes under the minimum time they receive the minimum time and if anyone goes over the maximum time they receive the maximum time for the stage. These times will be released when the recce videos are released.

Cutting the stage is not allowed, cutting is defined as all four wheels off track on the inside of a corner.

If you retire during the first leg of stages you will be given a stage maximum for any stages you fail to complete, but you will be able to restart from a restart point under Rally2 if you wish. If you retire after the last restart point you will be counted as retired, though you may continue to drive any stages after a map change for fun. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CONTINUE DRIVING FOR ANY REASON YOU MUST NOT GO BACK TO THE PITS AND RESTART THE STAGE, YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED FROM THE SERVER IF YOU DO SO. This rule is in place in order to make sure the timing is not broken.

After the end of all the stages on the current map the server will be moved to the next map. Seeded order will be kept the same, unless someone is clearly faster than the car ahead, in which case they will be re-seeded.


Jump Start - 1 Minute

Stage Cutting - 20 seconds per incident

Intentional Disruption - Disqualification

Baulking (Intentionally or repeatedly holding up another competitor) - 1st warning 1 minute penalty, 2nd warning 10 minute penalty, 3rd warning exclusion

Not finishing a stage - One fail for the stage added to total time


Using a co-driver is highly recommended as this event will be considerably difficult without one. You will need to write your own pacenotes using the recce videos that will be posted on the doc. Keep in mind that if you have a co driver you will need to move to a separate mumble channel after the drivers briefing as the main mumble channel can't be full of different crews trying to all drive at the same time.

Results, Ties & Protests[edit]

Results will be timed to 0.001 of a second, with the exception of SS1 which will be timed manually.

There will be no tiebreakers, if a position is tied then both competitors get the same result.

Protests must be made within half an hour of provisional results being published, if no protests are received then the results will be finalised.

This event will use the fail system that is used in road rallying. For every stage that is not completed a competitor shall receive a fail. If one crew has a time that is higher than another crew but less fails, the crew with less fails will finish above the other.

Final Instructions[edit]

Pic related[3] contains pictures of the boards you'll see on the stages. The two that matter to you are numbered.

>1 - Stage Start

>2 - Stage Finish

Sounds simple enough but first time out people didn't know what the boards meant and got themselves confused.

Make sure you've read through the regs fully, downloaded everything you need to and made your pacenotes if you have a codriver.

Additional Information and links[edit]

All relevant links (templates, download links and skin email) can be found on the doc[4]. When making your skin to follow the instructions on the linked pastebin page.

Any updates will be marked in red.