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Why would I play this game?[edit]

rFactor has been and still is one of the most popular sims out there. You might ask: Why is such an old sim still popular?

The main reason for rFactor's popularity and success is compatibility. There are thousands of mods you can download for free from many sources all over the internet. Plus, the game does not require a high end PC. As a matter of fact, even low end computers and laptops from 8 years ago will easily get 30-40 FPS on medium settings. And in addition to that, you do not need the full version of the game to install mods and enjoy it. You can download the Lite version, substitute the .exe with the crack and Voila!

So, a quick recap: Download in 5 minutes (200MB file), installation in 2. Why are you not playing yet? Because you're a bitch. That's why.

If you have doubts about the quality of the experience, don't. The physics engine in rFactor has recieved nothing but praise. It has been used in numerous other sims thanks to its realism. Also, the graphics of some of the mods will surprise you. Trust me on that.

How to download and install?[edit]

It is quite simple. First, you fetch the version you want.

The Lite version is ISI's free/demo version of rFactor but only has one series and two tracks available for it. Grab this one if you like small and multiple installs for specific mods or don't do much vanilla. You can download it here: rFactor Lite (274Mb).

The Ultralite version has one car and one track, perfect for muh multiple installs. rFactor Ultralite (94MB)

Alternatively, you can download the full version with all the vanilla content right away: rFactor (1.0Gb). Get this one if you want to have the vanilla content/are a content completionist and/or plan on only one large install.

Once downloaded and installed either version, go ahead and download the crack here: 32-Bit or 64-Bit. Once the download is finished, copy the cracked version to your rFactor folder and replace the original .exe with it. The crack has working multiplayer. Then download this FPS fix, and drop it in the root folder

4 GB patch/Game crashes with high player count[edit]

The Blancpain mod has problems with more than 25ish cars in one session. You can patch the cracked .exe file with this little tool to allow the game to use more than 2 GB of RAM. Note that you need to make sure your rFactor.exe is not set to Read-only by right clicking it and selecting properties. The box next to read-only must be unchecked BEFORE you run the tool. This helped people in the past that weren't able to safely join a race on the server.

Hosting a server[edit]

If you're wanting to host a server for rFactor, you'll need to override the firewall test in order to get it broadcasted on the server list. This can be done by navigating to your multiplayer.ini file located in Userdata/Yourname and switching Announce Allowed from 0 to 1. If you're using an OS like Windows 7 you'll probably find this in AppData\Local\VirtualStore\<directory you installed rFactor> instead of the actual folder.

What if I own a wheel/gamepad?[edit]

If you own a wheel or Xbox360 controller, the game will detect it automatically, so this should be no issue. For DS3 users, you need to download DS3Tool(MotionInjoy) or a similar program. for the completely retarded, yes you'll have to bind some buttons and axis to your liking.

If you use a wheel and RealFeel, make sure to bind the "reset FFB" button, or else in the case of a restart, you will not have any FFB

James drafting Cosmo at Daytona during season 1 of /ovgt3/


You want to know where you can find mods?

Use google you lil' shit. Seriously, this game is so popular, you will find mods everywhere. The most trusted and one with most professionally done mods would be Race2Play. They also host races and do leagues. There is also rfactorcentral, but some of their content is not free.

How to install mods?

Most of the time the mods will be .zip folders. You will only need to extract it into your rFactor folder, the rest will be taken care of. Some mods come with their own installers which can automatically detect the folder and just ask for your permission. Simple process.

Here's a picture guide for retards if you fucked up somehow.

Image One

Image Two

If you download a series/mod and can't find it in the game, check to see if you have it selected under Customize > Player > Series.

Below are some must-have mods:

Are you fan of Endurance series? You are now, motherfucker: Enduracers

Always needs F1: F1RS

Get hektik with dagumi: Initial D Ultimate Stage(Link now working again) and Projectu D

You are not a true driver if you don't have the nordschleife: Nurburgring 24hr

Oh, so you like GT cars?: FIA GT3

Who doesn't like Touring Cars? Shitters, that's who: VTCC Touring Cars

Wanna race 30's Fords with bike engines and get hektik? L E G E N D S with OVG Reverse gear

Feel like you want better force feedback in cars? Try Real Feel and/or LeosFFB! (you may have to tweak the settings for some cars) Real Feel

Unlock all cars trick[edit]

Go to the series you want to get the unlocks for, go to a test session with a track that won't take long to load and in the chatbox type ISI_BABYFACTORY and exit to get rewarded a ridiculous amount of cash and all of the vehicles in that series unlocked. The code IS case sensitive and must be typed in exactly as it appears here. You will have to do this for each individual series in order to get the cars from each one.

More F.A.Q.[edit]

1. How can I make my own skins and put them in game?

Check out this guide to RFactor Skinning

2. How do I enter Pit Stops?

Check out this guide to Pitting in rFactor

3. Do I need to do a fresh install of rFactor Lite for every series/mod I download?

No, you don't need to do that. This is recommended only if you experience the game bugging/crashing with multiple mods. Although it is advisable to do a fresh install for a mod you do not trust.

4. How can I race with you guys?

Info about our current series and more here: OVGTP, OVGF1 and OVGTCC.

5. I'm on a toaster and some tracks are too fps heavy for me to run smoothly, what should I do?

Lower all the qualities and turn off special effects for universal FPS gain. If you get frame rate drops at a certain part of the track, then it is one of the textures in that area that cause it. (usually trees, grand stands, etc.) Make sure you have the texture quality set as low as possible if that is the case.

Alternatively, you can check your rFConfig.exe to change your shader level from DX8 to DX9 or DX10 , with 10 being the highest quality. Just set it to auto and forget about it.

6. I'm loading up a track and the loading bar hasn't moved in a while, what do I do?

Spam your Enter and Esc buttons until you see the bar moving again. Repeat it till the track loads. This happens because sometimes error messages pop up in the background, so by pressing Enter and Esc you clear them.

7. I'm new to sims and have no idea how to setup my car, what do I do?

Setting up your car is a huge part of getting ready for a race. This flash app shows you the in-game setup menu, and explains what each option does when you click it: TuneToWin.

8. How do I beat Risto?

You don't.