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RaceRoom Racing Experience is a free to play online only racing simulator made by Sector 3 Studios (former Simbin)

RaceRoom features a wide variety of content spanning from old Group C cars to modern DTM and WTCR. The game is another rFactor engine game, which comes with it's good and bad. Most notably the dated graphics, lack of day/night cycle and that it's still running on DX9. RaceRoom does support VR though, and has some of the best if not the best audio design in simracing.

What's included for free?[edit]


  • Formula RaceRoom Junior
  • 134 Judd V8
  • Aquila CR1 Sports GT
  • Saleen S7R
  • Canhard R51
  • Canhard R52
  • Cougar C14-1
  • Cougar C14-2
  • DMD P20
  • DMD P21
  • Mistral M530
  • Mistral M531
  • Lada TCR


  • Sepang
  • Portimao Circuit
  • Lakeview Hillclimb
  • RaceRoom Raceway
  • Stowe Circuit

Buying content on RaceRoom?[edit]

If you are familiar with iRacing's business model, you will have an idea how RaceRoom works, which means you pay per car or track.

A track costs between 3 - 5 euro

A car costs between 1,5 - 5 euro (note that the base price only includes one livery, you will have to pay extra if you want extra or all the liveries. Usually around 1-2 euro for all liveries for a car)

Compared to iRacing, this is a lot cheaper, plus these prices are with sales tax included, so no funny extra 20% charge like on iRacing if you are a europoor

RaceRoom also sell content packs You have the starter pack (10 euro), pro pack (50 euro) and VIP pack (100 euro), and some themed track/car packs. Each with a varying degree of content, though the VIP pack comes with all current content the game has to offer (including all liveries for all cars), and before you ask no it does not include all future content.

If you want to get RaceRoom content even cheaper you can buy the currency packages here these come with an additional discount. RaceRoom also has frequent sales on content every major holiday where there is usually a 50% discount on all content including the content packs.

Setting up RaceRoom[edit]


I would highly recommend you use the community made Otterhud since it offers a lot more customization than the standard RaceRoom UI.

Example of what the UI can look like in-game


These are the settings i use for my wheel (TS-PC) with 75% force in the driver software

Yes there are a lot of settings

Wheel settings[edit]

Set your rotation to 900 or whatever your wheel maxes out at, then in the "Gameplay Settings" menu in the options menu you set the steering animation to match setup. Then the game automatically adjusts your wheel rotation according to what you're driving.


Despite being a DX9 game running in the rFactor engine the game still supports VR. Do your self a favor and turn off shadows, for some reason it tanks the performance.

What can i do in RaceRoom?[edit]

Now that you hopefully like a good goy have spent all your money on the VIP pack, you are ready to play RaceRoom, but what can you do in the game?

Single player[edit]

You have your standard quick races and championship modes like you know from other simulators.

There are leaderboards for every car/track combo, where you can race leaderboard ghost drivers

Leaderboard competitions[edit]

RaceRoom has since it's release been providing weekly/monthly leaderboard competitions. These usually function as qualifiers for e-sport events. There are also leaderboard challenges where you can win currency to buy content for in RaceRoom. see more here


Up until the start of 2020, RaceRoom had like all other simracing titles the most basic bitch multiplayer, which means a server browser and nothing else. Basically the game relied on the community to host all servers, which meant that 90% of the servers you could find with people on it were driving either the free to play content, or starter pack.

RaceRoom has since added Ranked Multiplayer to the game, that functions similar to something you might know from iRacing or SimRacingSystem with a driver rating, and safety rating system in place. You join these servers by opening the server browser, and ticking the "Only ranked" option. The current system is temporary, and the plan for the future is to allow users to register for races like you would on the before mentioned games.

There is a weekly schedule that changes every thursday of 6 different race series, and one weekly endurance race taking place every wednesday.

You can read more about RaceRoom Ranked servers here

Example of the weekly ranked schedule