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OVG86 is a Saturday series, organised by Grounded Fin and it is ran in RFactor with the AE86 club 2.49 mod

Mod: mod

Trackpack: pastebin ATTENTION: Make sure to put the terrain.tdf from the legends track pack in your locations folder.

Race Setup[edit]

We will do two 10 minute races, with reverse grid for the second race. Qualifying will be 6 minutes.


- Presence on Mumble is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

- Enter your name and car number in the googledoc to register yourself for the race.

- While the series is open for anyone to join, please practice until you feel comfortable around the track before joining the race.

- You are free to create your own team or join a pre-existing one after asking its owner.

- Set shadows to "medium" and special effects to "off" for universal FPS gain.

Useful Tips[edit]

- If force feedback is "pulling" the wheel to one direction, change the FFB setting to a negative value

- FFB values are subjective. If you use RealFeel however (which you should, go install it now), put the effects to "Low". Then buy the RealFeel steering upgrade in the Upgrade section of the car you want to drive. Then follow this link and set it up as described there. It will make the game handle completely different.

- If you're experiencing terrible FPS or random unexplainable drops, try Wombat's Nvidia FPS Fix to try and remedy it. Some ATI users also report improvement using it too. (Use with caution, it fucks with the memory)