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This page is meant to give some additional information on the NFS games (like FFB compatibility), resources to make them work on your modern computer or essential mods. If you run into any issues, add me on Steam to discuss or simply ask in the /ovg/ thread.

The Need for Speed[edit]

TNFS is a DOS game, so playing it without a DOS emulator like DOSBox is not possible. However, it’s now abandonware so you can get a version with DOSBox already configured in minutes with your friendly search engine.

Need for Speed II[edit]

NFS II on the other hand is a Windows game, but it’s too old to run properly. The installer won’t even work on 64-bit systems, but some germans released a modified installer available here (mirrored here) that handles the installing and the patching of the game. When installed, the 3D3 mode of the game should run, but at shitty display resolutions and with issues.

You have to install nGlide, a 3Dfx Voodoo Glide wrapper, to have something that doesn’t look like shit. Simply run the installer found in this page (mirrored here), use the Configurator application found in the start menu to set the display resolution and some video options (try to keep a 4:3 aspect ratio), then run the game with the 3Dfx executable (NFS2SEA.EXE).

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit[edit]

Like NFS II, this game requires a fixed setup (here) to be installed and nGlide to work properly. Refer to NFSII to info on nGlide, but the installer seems to setup the wrapper for this game. Use the game’s options menu to set the display resolution, keep in mind there’s no widescreen support.

This game can easily be modded, check nfscars for most mods. Be ready to see a LOT of shit made by kids with ZModeler 1.07b. Many mods will require the highpoly patch, you can find it here. Installing a car is as easy as dropping a folder in GameData/carmodel, but be aware of issues with running too many cars and low quality mods crashing the game, but new tracks can only replace old ones. Most tracks are sucky anyway.

This game supports FFB on the G27.

Need for Speed 4[edit]

Unlike NFS III this game has a working Win32 setup, but it still needs a patch to work properly on modern computers. Download the Stock Pack (or the Expansion Pack for more cars) from this website (mirrored here) and install it, the patch should take care of everything for you. No need to use Glide, Direct3D works just as well but still no widescreen support.

Since it’s based on NFS3’s engine, it has the same mod support (and sadly, the same quality standard). The Expansion Pack is bundled with many good mods and it’s more than enough for most people. And like NFS3, this game also supports FFB on the G27.

Need for Speed: Porsche 2000[edit]

Based on the NFS4 engine, this game works as well provided you have the latest patch. You can download an all-in-one patch here that contains a bunch of fixes on top of the latest official patch. NFS5 also supports FFB on the G27.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2[edit]

Game works straight after installation, the patch 242 is needed if you want better wheel support (this game needs combined pedals to work though). Widescreen is still not supported, mods can be found at nfscars but you’ll have to replace the stock cars.

Need for Speed: Underground[edit]

FFB works with the G27 and widescreen can be enabled with UniWS (mirror). Savegames are in %programdata%\NFS Underground\.

Need for Speed: Underground 2[edit]

FFB works with the G27 and widescreen can be enabled with UniWS (mirror). Savegames are in %appdata%\NFS Underground 2\. Mods can be found at nfscars, but you’ll have to replace the original cars and they’re usually low-quality or ripped from Forza.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted[edit]

FFB works with the G27, combined pedals must be enabled and widescreen can be enabled with a mod to be found here (mirror). Mods can be found at nfscars, but you’ll have to replace the original cars and they’re usually low-quality or ripped from Forza.

Need for Speed: Carbon[edit]

Same as MW, the widescreen mod can be found here (mirror). This game also adds H-pattern shifter support to the series, including clutch (that isn’t actually used to change gears, but the idea is there).

Need for Speed: ProStreet[edit]

Widescreen is now native, FFB works with the G27 but combined pedals must be enabled. H-pattern shifter support is about the same as Carbon’s.

Need for Speed: Undercover[edit]

Same as ProStreet, but the FFB is way shittier.

Need for Speed: SHIFT[edit]

To get the most out of this game you’ll have to mod it. To mod it, you have to unpack it first, follow these instructions. The absolute base is the Overhaul mod that fixes a lot of issues with the original game without changing the gameplay too much. For more realism, the Polish Tyre Mod improves the physics. You can also find a lot of graphics improvements, things like improved shaders, HD textures or new cars.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [2010][edit]

FFB is a piece of shit and there’s an omnipresent deadzone. Get a controller. No mods, but someone made a hack to get manual gears back.

[Need for Speed:] SHIFT 2: Unleashed[edit]

As with the first SHIFT game, modding really helps with the different issues this game has. The Polish Tyre Mod Unleashed (PTMu) should help fixing those, but it requires unpacking in the same way as with the first game.

Need for Speed: The Run[edit]

FFB works well, there’s a basic H-pattern gearbox support. No mods.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted [2012][edit]

Same as Hot Pursuit, FFB is useless and wheels don’t really work. Get a controller. No mods as well.

Need for Speed: Rivals[edit]

Being based on a MW’s engine, there’s probably no real FFB.