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Gr.4 Cars

OVGr.4 is our weekly Saturday series in Assetto Corsa organized by Kazunori Yamauchi's evil twin, featuring real and fantasy GT4 cars and a new to /ovg/ championship system totally not ripped off of Gran Turismo Sport.

You can download the game on Steam or through a link on the Google Document.

If you want to join, please sign up and keep an eye on the Google Document for more information.

How Do I Download and Install the Mod, Along With Joining the Server?[edit]

Using the Mega or MediaFire links on the Google document, download and install the mod in the order of v0.1, v0.5, and finally v1.0 (and then any others that come after idklol). Either install it manually by following the folder structure, or dragging the base mod and patches (still zipped) into your Content Manager window should install it correctly. Also make sure to download the current week's track under it's name on the round listing. Server name is WAT: OVGr4. Password is 4ch.

Content Manager, Shaders Patch and Sol[edit]

If for some reason you're a luddite who's been living under a rock, Content Manager is essential to get around the Assetto Corsa spaghetti coding. Go download it.

After that, download and install the latest version of the Custom Shaders Patch.

Finally, install Sol.

All three of these mods work very well together, and allow tons of new things including night races and day/night time cycles, both of which will be used for the series.

Remember to keep both mods updated. Content Manager can automatically download and install updates for the Shaders Patch in Settings>Custom Shaders Patch>About & Updates. Also remember to download everything under Car Configs, Car Textures, Track Configs, and Tracks VAO. Press the 3 dots towards the top right of the window to download them.

Playing With Assetto Corsa Lite[edit]

The Assetto Corsa Lite install found on the Google Doc is a lite install of the game. It only includes one car, a Fiat 500, and one track, the Drift track. To join the server using this version you will need to download the ks_porsche_cayman_gt4_clubsport.7z and nurbgp.7z found in the folder where you downloaded Assetto Corsa Lite.7z. After that, and along with downloading the OVGr.4 mod and patches, you should be able to get into the server.

Playing Online[edit]

In the CONFIG.ini located in the root folder, remove the # from #BLoggedOn= and set it to true. After that, remove the # from #SteamAccountID= and set the number to your SteamID64 from https://steamid.io/

Booking Mode and How It Works[edit]

5 minutes before 20:00 GMT (thats 19:55 GMT dumbass), the server will go down to enable booking mode for 5 minutes. Click the server and then pick your car, along with your custom skin if you have one, and then click Join. Once the countdown is done, hit Join on the popup window and you will be in the server with your car and skin you chose.


Two races, thirty minutes each with eight minutes of public qualifying,

Some races may be at night, so remember to bind a button for headlights.

Don't flip Marko Tulska. Unless it's Flip Marko Tulska Day or if flipping him would be really funny.

Track Limits[edit]

Feel free to run wide on corner exit, just expect to be called a faggot and insulted in public especially if you wreck someone because of it.

Race Restarts[edit]

Unless there's a crash in the first few corners that takes out a decent amount of the grid, the race won't be restarted. At least one person with the ability to restart races will be watching from the back of the grid.

Points System[edit]

Instead of racing for points for yourself, this time around you will be racing for the top spot for both your car's Manufacturer, and your Nation*. Driver points will still be scored, but it shouldn't be considered the main focus.

If two or more drivers are racing for the same manufacturer, only the highest scoring driver will score points from that race for that manufacturer. Same rules apply for nation.

Don't be a pussy, stick with the manufacturer you chose in the first (non-test) race you enter. If you really want to switch cars you can with no penalty, just expect to be called a fag for abandoning your manufacturer that so lovingly provided you a free car in hopes they'll be known as the best.

*You don't have to put where you're from on the Google doc, you'll just be placed on team Bus Riders Sans Frontières. Fantasy locations are accepted as well.

Skinning Rules[edit]

If you make a skin, place the flag of your nation in the location of the example flag on the number plate provided here. Place the number plate on the left and right side of the car, along with one on the hood/bonnet/frunk/that flappy bit that moves up and down in front of the cockpit. If the template for your car is garbage/non-existant then don't worry about it.

The skinning rules aren't mandatory (lol) but it makes things such as thread .webm's and general atmosphere of the race seem more genuine.


I know it says rFactor but the Photoshop related rules still apply.

Getting Your Skin In Game[edit]

Various cars have different naming conventions for the skin filename. To get the filename for the car skin, or whatever other part you're painting, view the car using CM Showroom in Content Manager.

So for example, to find the name you'd need to use for the Maserati:

1)Click on any major body panel such as the rear quarter panel or roof

2)Look at the txDiffuse line which in this case is Skin_D.dds.

3)Use that name for the body paint.

Skin Submission Deadline[edit]

You have until 16 hours before every race start to submit a skin. Skins sent in after the deadline will be put into next week's skin pack.

Car Selection[edit]

Alfa Romeo 4C - RWD

Alpine A110 - RWD

Aston Martin V8 Vantage - RWD

Audi TT Cup - FWD


Bugatti Veyron - AWD

Chevrolet Corvette C7 - RWD

Ferrari 458 - RWD

Ford Mustang - RWD

Ginetta G55 - RWD

Hyundai Genesis - RWD


Lamborghini Huracan - AWD

Lotus Evora - RWD

Maserati GranTurismo MC - RWD

McLaren 570S - RWD

Mercedes-Benz AMG - RWD

Mosler MT900S - RWD


Porsche Cayman - RWD

Renault Clio - FWD

Subaru WRX STi - AWD

Volkswagen Scirocco - FWD

Just like GT Sport's Gr.4 car category that this series idea totally isn't ripping off, AWD and FWD GT4's are available.

Extra Things[edit]

-Presence on Mumble is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

-While the series is open for anyone to join, please practice until you feel comfortable around the track before joining the race.


-If you don't really understand the intricacies of fast and are just looking for a layout that will give the best lap times out of the box, use a FR car.

-No idea what you're doing in the setup menu? Try one of these baseline setups.

-Aim for 26 PSI hot (hot=PSI after a few laps) tire pressure. If you drive aggressively enough your cold PSI (cold=starting PSI) should be somewhere between 16-18 depending on the track and car. If your tires are up to the correct pressure but the tire temperature is still cold, adjust your setup to get more heat into the tire, usually by giving it more toe and/or more camber. But chances are you're just not driving hard enough. Some tracks with long straights (ex. Spa, Monza) it is simply impossible to keep the tire in the correct temperature for the whole lap.

-If you're using a FWD car, using traction control is faster. And let the racing gods have mercy on your sorry ass because these things aren't very competitive on anything besides long straights.

-AWD cars can be ran with traction control off without an issue, and it should be faster with it off.

-Shift a bit after 7,000 RPM with front engine cars, and FWD cars shift at 6,500 RPM.


It's in one of the Sol apps it says headlight range (m) or something like that.


Do a few race speed laps, and in the garage the game will calculate roughly how much fuel you'll need for an x length race. Fill in a few extra liters to be safe.