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OVG TurnLeft is /ovg/'s upcoming Stock Car series using the ISI Stock Cars for rFactor 2.

Race Format and Procedures

Races will be 125, 150, or 200 miles in length depending on track size and lap times, with a hard time limit of no longer than TWO (2) hours. Races will use rolling starts, full course yellows with safety car, "lucky dog" passes, and Green-White-Checkered finishes. Road Course events will utilize standard road course procedures i.e. local yellows only, advisory blue flags only, no Green-White-Checkered finishes, and no "lucky dog" passes.


1. The leader chooses which lane to start in.
2. When the green flag is dropped, a driver may not pass the car in front of him until he has crossed the start/finish line.

Rejoin Procedures

1. Unless otherwise stated prior to the race, when rejoining the track after exiting the pits you must not rejoin the racing surface until you reach the backstretch. If you fail to adhere to this rule you will be penalized.
2. When merging on the backstretch, do not merge in front of significantly quicker cars. If you cause a wreck this way you will be kicked from the race.

Yellow Flag Pit Procedures

During caution periods, the pit procedures are as follows:
1. The pits are closed to all as soon as the yellow flag is displayed and for the first full caution lap. Cars pitting while the pits are closed will be penalized. Cars already on pit road when a caution comes out will not be penalized.
2. The pits will open for service on the second caution lap. During this lap, cars on the lead lap may pit for service.
3. During the third caution lap, the pits will be open for all cars.
4. On the fourth caution lap, the pits are closed to all cars. The first car a lap down will be "waved around", and must pass the leaders, complete a lap, and line up at the end of the longest line (will confirm that this feature works in testing). The leader may also choose which lane to restart in at this time.
5. Green Flag.

Green-White-Checkered Procedures

1. In the event that the number of laps remaining in the race exceeds the number of caution laps to be run, the lap counter will be frozen at three. The race will restart with two to go as the leaders cross the line to take the green flag.
2. If a caution comes out before the leader takes the white flag, the procedure will be repeated, to a maximum of three attempts.
3. If a caution comes out before the leader takes the white flag on the third attempt, the race will end under caution (will confirm that this feature works in testing).
4. If a caution comes out after the leader takes the white flag, the race is over.


Race penalties will primarily be handled by the in game system. Certain other incidents will warrant automatic penalties in cases where the driver in question is not penalized by the in game system. Currently, the following infractions will result in an automatic post-race penalties:

  • Unsafe Rejoin (before the backstretch): Docking of points. Repeated offenses may result in suspension for a number of races.
  • Other infractions TBD depending on track, to be detailed in the future.

In the event that a driver wants to report an incident or another driver for review, a request must be posted to the thread no more than 48 hours after the end of the race. The report must contain the approximate lap number that the incident occurred, who was involved, and brief description of what happened. The report will be reviewed by THREE (3) race stewards, all of whom will be anonymous and will not know each other. At least one of the stewards will be someone who is NOT currently racing in the TurnLeft Series. After reviewing the incident, and two-out-of-three vote will determine whether or not a penalty is assessed.


During a race, certain on track infractions that otherwise would require post-race penalties may be cleared by a driver "self-penalizing". Currently, the following on track infractions may be cleared via self-penalizing:

  • Unsafe Rejoin: Drive-Through Penalty (without stopping for service)
  • Cutting the Track: Drive-Through Penalty (without stopping for service)

To serve a self-penalty, a driver must complete the penalty during the race. Within SIX (6) hours of the end of the race, the driver MUST submit to the thread a webm of the incident, the approximate lap the incident occurred, a webm of the drive-through penalty being served, and the approximate lap the drive through penalty was served. Penalties must be served within TEN (10) laps of the incident occurring (not counting laps under caution) or else the driver will be penalized normally.

Driver Restrictions

Due to the nature of oval racing, participants need to be vetted and tested before being allowed to compete. Because of this, entry to this series will be restricted to only those drivers who have demonstrated that they can run an oval race safely. Participants may cite previous oval racing experience in another sim, such as iRacing. The primary means of demonstrating this ability will be performance and behavior during pick-up races and test races. The TurnLeft server is currently running, so if you'd like to practice ovals, feel free to get a few other drivers together in mumble and run a race. I cannot stress enough how important practice is. You cannot learn this stuff in one sitting.

NOTE: Driver restriction will not be in place for the road course events. Any driver may join during those events.

Tentative Schedule

This schedule subject to change, and all dates are tentative. It is highly likely that additional 3PA or ISI ovals will be released prior to the start of the season. In cases like this, it is highly likely that these releases will replace currently listed conversion tracks.

/ovg/ AUTISM TurnLeft Series Tentative Schedule
Round Date Track Type Download
Non-Points Feb 13 Alabama Superspeedway (Talladega Superspeedway) 2.666 Mile High-Banked Tri-Oval Link
1 Feb 27 Apple Valley Speedway (Auto Club Speedway) 2 Mile Banked D-Oval Link
2 Mar 5 Phoenix International Raceway 1 Mile Low-Banked Tri-Oval Link
3 Mar 12 Palm Springs Speedway (Homestead-Miami Speedway) 1.5 Mile Banked Symmetric Oval Link
4 Mar 19 Watkins Glen International Raceway TBA
5 Mar 26 Mountain Peak Speedway (Charlotte Motor Speedway) 1.5 Mile Banked Tri-Oval Link
6 Apr 2 Eagle Creek Speedway (Kentucky Speedway) 1.5 Mile Banked D-Oval Link
7 Apr 9 Atlanta Motor Speedway 1.5 Mile Banked Tri-Oval TBA
8 Apr 16 Sonoma Raceway TBA
9 Apr 23 Mosfet Raceway (Darlington Raceway) TBA
10 Apr 30 Northside International Raceway (Richmond International Raceway) 0.74 Mile Banked D-Oval Link
11 May 7 Kansas Speedway TBA
12 May 14 Road America TBA
13 May 21 Nashville Superspeedway TBA
14 May 28 Bristol Motor Speedway TBA
15 June 4 Peach Orchard Motor Speedway (Pocono) TBA


Oval Setup Guide

ISI Templates
OVG Templates (Contains /ovg/-centric contig decals, modify at your own pleasure)