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"PRO" Class Plate
BABY Class Plate

Downloads and links on the Google Doc

Various smaller tracks will be used to make for constant multi-class traffic action.

Don't be afraid to drive with a controller, the FWD touring cars are easy to drive, especially with TCS and ABS.

If there is a low amount of players and/or it's agreed upon, AI will make up (part of) the touring car field.

BIND A KEY TO YOUR HEADLIGHTS. Races might go into an hour where you need to have them on, or be disqualified.

If you are using a legitimate copy of rFactor 2, make sure the game version is set to v1111, or you won't be able to join. This can be done by going into your games list, right clicking the game, selecting properties, going to the beta tab and selecting version 1111.

Number Plate .PSD[edit]

Number Plate .psd

Car List[edit]


Ligier JS P3

Touring Cars

Mercedes A45 (FWD)


Subaru Levorg (RWD)

Vauxhall Astra (FWD)