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"Series" more like just a time we all meet to do races until we get bored for the day and or move on to another game for an actual Sunday series.

I really know almost nothing about GTA:O other than it's designed to load slow and be clumsy to play to get you to spend money on Shark Cards so feel free to tell me wtf is going on.


- idklol how long races will be or how many we will do. Will probably just talk about it when we get there.

- Rental cars only unless I can trust you to only have cosmetic mods on the car.

- Catchup off, slipstream on.

- No Shark Cards unless your milf wants to buy them for all of us.

- Some cars are just totally bullshit OP. You can pick them but if someone knows it's OP you'll probably get called a fag.

- Mandatory listening if you're a stoner: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs3lFmCxkMfSeLJomRU75p3DR7N0VBCPg

Track Links[edit]

Submit tracks the host will download so we can run them for the races. Write what car class you want on the track as well. One track per week thanks :)

Feel free to make your own track and put it as the submission.

If you send me a link with a track description written in anything but English I'm ignoring it.

Air races suck.

p.s. if you can find me the windmilf track that'd be nice.