OVGT6 Bring Your Own Shitbox Season 2

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The Worst Corner On The Entire F*cking Track

OVGGT6 Bring You're Own Shitbox Season 2 is a weekly series in Gran Turismo 6 featuring the cars owned in real life by the drivers. Each week's race event starts at 21:00 UTC on Fridays in the event page lobby.

Series entry[edit]

  1. Put your details in the OVGT6 Bring You're Own Shitbox Season 2 sheet of the /ovg/ Google Doc. Enter your name, car, location, and PSN.
  2. Join the Bring You're Own Shitbox Season 2 Club. Click on the link (sign into PSN) or search club ID 1074107 in-game.
  3. Enter an upcoming event, either in-game or via the web interface. Links to events will be posted on the Doc as and when they become available.
  4. 30 minutes before the main race, there will be a fun 10 minute race with cars that vary week to week. These will take place in the club lobby. These races are not mandatory to join but participation is encouraged.
  5. Turn up for the event in good time: the events start at 21:00 UTC in the club lobby.

Technical regulations[edit]

Pick the vehicle in Gran Turismo 6 that closely represents you're real life car.

The performance limits are 450 PP, comfort soft tires, and no nitrous. Tune your car to those parameters however you see fit.

All driver aids except ABS are forbidden.