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OVGT3S7 is our weekly GT3 racing series in its fifth iteration in Assetto Corsa Competizione hosted by Joe.

You can download the game at the wiki page or on the OVGT3S7 Google Doc.

If you want to join, please sign up and keep an eye on the Google Document for more information.

Are You Sure This Is ACC? And Why Do The Cars Look and Drive Like V8 Supercars?[edit]

Stop sniffing petrol dumb cunt it's making you blind.

How Do I Connect to the Server?[edit]

Connecting to vkovgt3.jpg

This One Sucks But If You Want to Complicate It[edit]

Right click AMS.exe and click Create Shortcut. Right click the shortcut and add the highlighted line in the image to the right after AMS.exe in the Target line. Using this shortcut will launch the game and bring you to the car select screen for the server. If you want to do things such as changing sound or graphics options, launch the game with the normal AMS.exe.

Recommended Less Complicated Method[edit]

Launch the game with AMS.exe. Hit the Multiplayer button, and then the RED + at the top right. Enter the IP in the image to the right (port number shouldn't be needed) and hit OK. Click the server and join with the button on the bottom right. The IP will be saved so you can join the server this way from that point on.


Two races, 30 minutes each 8 minute qualifying before Race 1, reverse grid? for Race 2.

Race starts will be rolling starts.

Some races may be at night, remember to bind a button for headlights.

Don't flip Marko Tulska. Unless it's Flip Marko Tulska Day or if flipping him would be really funny.

Driver Classes[edit]

For this series, there will be an AM and POO-AM driver class. In game you will still be racing for the overall position, but also for your own class as well. This is just something to change up the usual racing and points dynamic a bit, and to give the slower drivers in particular something to think about. Your car will not drive faster/slower depending on what class you choose, it's simply a driver categorization.


You will be placed into this category if you have won three or more OVGT3 races, won an OVGT3 series, or have placed consistently very high up in the races you have done.


You will be placed into this category if you do not meet the above criteria.

These rules aren't 100% strict (ex. fast driver but they haven't raced much, actual Lewis Hamilton shows up) because much like real life racing, rule exceptions can and probably will be made. :)

Track Limits[edit]

Don't cut, feel free to run wide on corner exits.

Race Restarts[edit]

Unless there's a crash in the first few corners that takes out a decent amount of the grid, the race won't be restarted. At least one person with the ability to restart races will be watching from the back of the grid.

Car Choice[edit]

Feel free to choose any car and change car every round if you want.

Everything Else[edit]

-Presence on Mumble is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

-While the series is open for anyone to join, please practice until you feel comfortable around the track before joining the race.

-These cars do not have TCS or ABS, but low ABS has been enabled.


If you're finding the default controller settings to be no good, try the settings in the image on the right. They were made for rFactor 1, so your results may vary.

Controller settings


Make your skin with the templates provided on the Google doc, and send it to the email also on the Google doc.


GenString=1SLV // SLV - silver, BLK - black, GLD - gold, RED - red

Team="My Team"
Driver="My Name"          
Description="My Description"
Engine="My Engine"
Manufacturer="My Manufacturer"
Transmission="My Transmission"
Extra="A little something about yourself :)" 

FullTeamName="My Team"


While not necessary, setting your category line to OVGT3 makes the folder structure in game much neater.

Wat Car Iz Gud and How 2 Driev[edit]

-They all have the same physics, pick whatever you like the most.

-You will need to blip the throttle on downshifts. No it's not hard unless you have some serious gout, you'll figure it out I believe in you.

-Pluck her in first, give it some jandal and fuck yeah.

Very Basic Not In Depth Setup Menu Help[edit]

If you're really unable to have throttle control set your rear springs and anti-roll bar to the softest, and set your front springs and anti-roll bar to the stiffest.

Congrats On Reading This Far, Here's What's Actually Going On[edit]

So when ACC gets an update it completely breaks the crack, and I have to reupload the entire game. Not only that but as of the latest version I straight up couldn't get the online working on the cracked copies unlike usual. This is really annoying to fix over and over. So now we are using Automobilista with all the in game logos replaced with ACC or Kunos logos. The car we are using if you still haven't figured it out???? is the V8 Supercar which is stock AMS content. Tracks will be a combination of stock content and mod tracks. Yes the Google doc says we are doing Blancpain GT tracks but if you'd take a minute to hover over the names you'll see the actual track name we are using.