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OVGNFSU is our weekly racing series in Assetto Corsa organized by . Races are every Saturday at 20:00 GMT.

If you want to join, please sign up on the Google Document. CAR SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS EVERY THURSDAY 23:59GMT

What Is This?[edit]

Bring your own shitbox. Get a car* and completely copy the physics, engine, tires, setup options (aka literally everything besides the colliders) from the files provided.

perfect BoP tm except this time probably unironically

  • Getting a car isn't mandatory, just use someone else's or a default car.

Car Selection Rules[edit]

First and foremost please consider how many triangles and LOD's your car has, with having LOD's in particular being most important. If your car has over 400k triangles in LOD A, please make sure the car has other LOD's or it won't be accepted.

Has to be a normal (sized) car. Other than that, just about anything goes though it would be preferred if your car looks like it just walked out of a Playstation 2 memory card. Only limit is nothing bigger than what Stacey would drive on her way to football practice, which means massive road blocks like 18 wheelers or bussies aren't allowed. Yes I know there was funny shit like a helicopter in High Stakes fuck you.

Working headlights and taillights.

Sort of Tutorial[edit]

You will need Content Manager and Assetto Corsa Car Tuner.

Necessary files to make your car.

If you are a smallbrain and have reading troubles, RBDK made a video guide here. This applies to a previous series, but the same basic rules apply. It takes literally 10 minutes to make a car, so don't pussy out.


For this example we will be making the worlds fastest 1997 Honda Civic.

  • (Only necessary if your car's data is packed.) Select the Civic in Car Tuner, and create a new tune.DONT PUT CAPITAL LETTERS IN THE TUNE NAME
  • Copy the files the donor car in Car Files.zip MINUS THE car.ini into the Civic folder.
  • This part might be difficult if you really have no idea what you're doing, but go through the car's files and start deleting anything that looks like it'll conflict and/or ruin the Perfect BoP(tm). For example if your car has .lut files referencing it's old tires, those can be deleted.



  • Keep the car.ini of the original car.
  • From the donor files, copy over the [HEADER]VERSION=extended-1 [BASIC](unsure about GRAPHICS_OFFSET and GRAPHICS_PITCH_ROTATION, test for yourself lol) [CONTROLS], [FUEL], [FUELTANK], [RIDE], [RULES] and [PIT_STOP] categories to your new car. Delete anything old in those categories.
  • Leave the [INFO], and [GRAPHICS] categories as is. Delete anything else.

View the Car in CM Showroom[edit]

Click car params, scroll down and click "Align using data" under "Wheels." The wheels are probably messed up.

  • Adjust the wheelbase with WHEELBASE in suspensions.ini
  • Adjust the track with TRACK under [FRONT] and [REAR] or [GRAPHICS_OFFSETS] in suspensions.ini.
  • Other minor things can be adjusted with GRAPHICS_OFFSET and GRAPHICS_PITCH_ROTATION in car.ini if necessary.

Ok I'm All Done Now What[edit]

  • Test your car in game to make sure it actually works correctly.
  • Your car's sound might be broken in the higher rev range, use Content Manager to replace sounds.
  • Skin your car if you want. I hope your car came with a template lol.
  • Delete all the skins besides the one you want to use.
  • Separate it from the parent car by clicking the name of the car next to Parent: and making it independent.
  • Don't pack the data assuming you know how to, I'll do that.
  • Send the car to [email] or link it on the Google doc.

I Can't Get It To Work In Game Halp[edit]

Just send the car over anyway to the email/in the Google doc/ask in the nuDiscord server, just mention its fucked and someone will look at it and probably fix it.


Booking Mode and How It Works[edit]

5 minutes before 20:00 GMT (thats 19:55 GMT dumbass), the server will go down to enable booking mode for 5 minutes. Click the server and then pick your car, along with your custom skin if you have one, and then click Join. Once the countdown is done, hit Join on the popup window and you will be in the server with your car and skin you chose.


3 or 4 10 minute races.

Most races will be at night, so remember to bind a button for headlights.

Don't flip Marko Tulska. Unless it's Flip Marko Tulska Day or if flipping him would be really funny.

Track Limits[edit]

Feel free to run wide on corner exit, just expect to be called a faggot and insulted in public especially if you wreck someone because of it.

Race Restarts[edit]

Unless there's a crash in the first few corners that takes out a decent amount of the grid, the race won't be restarted. At least one person with the ability to restart races will be watching from the back of the grid.

Extra Things[edit]

-Presence on Mumble is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

-While the series is open for anyone to join, please practice until you feel comfortable around the track before joining the race.

Where Do I Find Mod Cars? Technology Scares Me[edit]

Feel free to put links here thanks