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OVGN400 is a weekly series set in Gran Turismo Sport, run by rookie host Keyboard!AB2tP.dt0s and featuring any cars tunable to the N400 category. There are no tuning, power or weight limits outside of the N400 requirement, but only Sport Hard/Soft tires will be permitted. The series will start January 6th and run to February 17th. It aims to be the first series for GT Sport that reaches the end of it's run with some drivers still racing. The series runs 2 races per event with drivers taking points from each race.

Series Entry Requirements[edit]

  1. Enter all the relevant info into the Google Doc.
  2. When the lobby opens, join early and warm up.

House Rules[edit]

  1. The lobby will open at least 30 minutes before the time posted on the Google doc. Times are subject to change, so check in often!
  2. It will be a friends-only lobby so make sure to friend PSN user TheOpt1onal before the race starts. Let him know you're from /ovg/ in any way.
  3. Drivers are free to warm up and practice in any way they see fit, so long as they do not interfere with other drivers.
  4. When the 30 minutes are up, the host will restart the lobby with the proper settings.
  5. When the first race is over, drivers are free to tune or practice for the next 10 minutes. DO NOT DISCONNECT! The event is not over!
  6. When the second race is over, drivers can disconnect safely and the scores will be tallied.
  7. If you or another driver disconnects after the lobby resets, let the host know in the Discord to allow you/him proper time to reconnect and ready up.

Relevant Links[edit]

A place to find good tunes (good luck)