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OVGGT6 SuperGT was a weekly series in Gran Turismo 6 featuring GT500 cars, organised by BlackDog !ESsWmAolQk (PSN: rab1dmonkey). It is intended to be the swansong for /ovg/ on GT6, so feel free to head straight to the SuperGT sheet of the /ovg/ Google Doc and sign up. This article is intended as a reference for the series organiser, hosts and drivers - not required reading, most of it is not relevant to those who drive clean and can follow simple instructions. Each week's race event starts at 20:00 UTC on Sundays in the club lobby (qualification for heat one starts at 20:30 UTC), with Timed Training/Pre-Qualifiying open throughout the week. The series ran from 2017-10-08 to 2017-10-15.

Series entry[edit]

  1. Put your details in the OVGGT6 SuperGT sheet of the /ovg/ Google Doc. Choose a unique driver number if you drive a base model.
  2. Join the /OVGT6/ Club. Click on the link (sign into PSN) or search club ID 1074107 in-game.
  3. Turn up for the event in good time: event rooms will open in the club lobby at 20:00 UTC on Sundays, with quali starting at 20:30 UTC.

Technical regulations[edit]

Pick a model from the table below (or respective base model), fit racing hard tyres and tune it accordingly.

Model Power /HP Weight /kg PP
GT-R '08 470 1155 568
HSV-010 '12 470 1170 563
NSX '06 477 1135 567
SC430 '08 470 1145 572
Supra '05 467 1115 573
weider HSV-010 '11 470 1165 563
Z '06 470 1135 580

Source of BoP

Success ballast will be applied cumulatively according to the following table:

Position Ballast /kg
1st 40
2nd 20
3rd 10
4th 5

All driver aids except ABS are forbidden.


Vision Check[edit]

Before starting a race or qualifying session, the host may call for a Vision Check. All drivers must enter the track and report how many drivers are visible to them according to their 'Position' indicator (e.g.: 3/8, 8 drivers are visible). Drivers reporting fewer than the true number must leave the lobby and re-connect to correct the issue. Clearing the PS3's cache is also recommended.

Manual Grid Order[edit]

In the event that anyone leaves and re-joins the lobby between heats, the grid will be ordered manually. All drivers must vacate the track and refrain from using the chat for the duration of the procedure. Grid order will be set to 'Fastest first'. The host will then call drivers to enter the track one by one, from the lowest finisher of the previous heat to the fastest, followed by anyone who did not race the previous heat.


In the event that the start of a race is compromised by a poor connection to the extent that the race starts before one or more drivers are in control of their car, a restart may be requested by any driver. The request will take the form of the word 'restart' in chat and must be submitted within ninety seconds of the race start or before the first lap is completed - whichever is sooner. If the request is considered valid, the series organiser will announce 'abort' and all drivers will abandon the heat. No more than one restart will be undertaken per heat and restarts will not be undertaken in consecutive heats at the request of the same driver. For races containing more than ten drivers, at least two drivers must request restarts. Drivers requesting a restart are expected to continue racing while they await a decision.

Rules and enforcement[edit]

Don't take the piss.

Series summary[edit]

After an incredibly tight first weekend, Skoda_chef and BlackDog were just 2 points ahead of H8_Lipehlol. On the second weekend, BlackDog suffered from equipment failure, leaving Skoda and H8 to duke it out for the series win. After more tight racing, Skoda managed to maintain his lead and take the overall series victory.