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OVGGT6 Run Your Own Shitbox was a weekly series in Gran Turismo 6 featuring the cars owned in real life by the drivers, organised by Captain Slow (PSN: blackgoldsaw24). The series ran from 2015-10-11 to 2015-11-22, with races taking place at 20:30 UTC on Sundays. The series was succeeded in this time slot by OVGGT6 Spec Miata.

Technical regulations[edit]

The central tenet of the series was that competitors were to use the closest car in GT6 to the one which they drove or owned in real life. Some latitude was allowed for those who's car was not available in-game or if their car was significantly under-powered at the specified PP limit. The only performance limit in force was Performance Points: events 1 and 2 were run at 500 PP, but this was considered too much for the Comfort Soft tyres which were in use - particularly for the FF entrants - so events 3 to 6 were run at 450 PP. All driver aids except ABS were forbidden, as was nitrous.

Series report[edit]

src_ej6, the only competitor to finish every heat of every event, won the series handily.

Final standings and full results for all events in the series are available at the WAT Archive Google Sheet.