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OVGGT6 'Murrican Muscle was a weekly series in Gran Turismo 6 featuring 1979 and earlier American muscle cars, organised by BlackDog !ESsWmAolQk (PSN: rab1dmonkey). It is considered a more easy-going alternative to the hardcore PC sim series, so feel free to head straight to the 'Murrican Muscle sheet of the /ovg/ Google Doc and sign up. This article is intended as a reference for the series organiser, hosts and drivers - not required reading, most of it is not relevant to those who drive clean and can follow simple instructions. Each week's race event starts at 20:00 UTC on Sundays in the club lobby (qualification for heat one starts at 20:30 UTC), with Timed Training/Pre-Qualifiying open throughout the week. The series is now over: it ran from 2016-02-07 to 2016-03-27. The race results and final standings can be viewed at the archived series sheet.

Series entry[edit]

  1. Put your details in the OVGGT6 'Murrican Muscle sheet of the /ovg/ Google Doc. Choose a unique driver number if you drive a premium model.
  2. Join the /ovgGT6/ 'Murrican Muscle Club. Click on the link (sign into PSN) or search club ID 1053805 in-game.
  3. Enter an upcoming event, either in-game or via the web interface. Links to events will be posted on the Doc as and when they become available. Read the event description and any comments on the event page to ensure you are up to date on any rule changes or track-specific regulations.
  4. Turn up for the event in good time: event rooms will open in the club lobby at 20:00 UTC on Sundays, with quali starting at 20:30 UTC.

Technical regulations[edit]

Any model of American road car from 1979 or earlier is eligible to race. The performance limits are as follows:

Performance points, max 535
Tyres, max Sports Hard
Power, max 530 hp (538 PS)
Weight, min 1285 kg

The power limiter may not be lowered below 95%; all other tuning and modifications are permitted,

All driver aids except ABS are forbidden.

Timed Training and Pre-Qualifying[edit]

Now that races are run in the club lobby, the event page itself will be used for Timed Training or Pre-Qualifying.

Timed Training[edit]

For events where the number of entries is less than the grid capacity of sixteen, Timed Training will run during the week preceding the event. Timed Training is an optional session for all drivers and is provided simply as a convenient method of comparing lap times in advance of the race event. The physics in Gran Turismo 6 are slightly different online and offline, so it is recommended for drivers to practice online. In order for your lap time to be submitted and visible to other drivers, you must start the Time Trial session after entering the lobby.


Should the number of entries for a race event exceed the grid capacity of sixteen, Timed Training will be replaced by a Pre-Qualifying Session. For those drivers ranked twelfth or higher, Pre-Qualifying serves the same function as Timed Training: an optional session with no bearing on the race event. Drivers ranked thirteenth or lower are required to submit a lap time in Pre-Qualifying. Setting one of the four fastest times pre-qualifies the driver to join the higher ranked drivers in Room A for the race event. Drivers ranked thirteenth or lower who fail to pre-qualify or do not take part in Pre-Qualifying will race in Room B.

The start of the points scale applied to Room B is based on the number of drivers taking part. With four or more drivers, the points awarded to first place in Room B are equal to thirteenth place (i.e.: fourth from last) in Room A. With each driver less than four taking part in Room B, the points awarded for first place drop one place. In all cases, lower placed drivers in Room B will be awarded points according to the scale as it continues from the points awarded to first. In the case that only one driver fails to pre-qualify, they will be awarded points equivalent to sixteenth place in Room A and are not required to complete the race distance in Room B. If however, a single non-pre-qualifying driver starts a race in Room B with a driver who did not take part in Pre-Qualifying, they must complete the race as normally required to receive points.


Vision Check[edit]

Before starting a race or qualifying session, the host may call for a Vision Check. All drivers must enter the track and report how many drivers are visible to them according to their 'Position' indicator (e.g.: 3/8, 8 drivers are visible). Drivers reporting fewer than the true number must leave the lobby and re-connect to correct the issue. Clearing the PS3's cache is also recommended.

Manual Grid Order[edit]

In the event that anyone leaves and re-joins the lobby between heats, the grid will be ordered manually. All drivers must vacate the track and refrain from using the chat for the duration of the procedure. Grid order will be set to 'Fastest first'. The host will then call drivers to enter the track one by one, from the lowest finisher of the previous heat to the fastest, followed by anyone who did not race the previous heat.


In the event that the start of a race is compromised by a poor connection to the extent that the race starts before one or more drivers are in control of their car, a restart may be requested by any driver. The request will take the form of the word 'restart' in chat and must be submitted within ninety seconds of the race start or before the first lap is completed - whichever is sooner. If the request is considered valid, the series organiser will announce 'abort' and all drivers will abandon the heat. No more than one restart will be undertaken per heat and restarts will not be undertaken in consecutive heats at the request of the same driver. For races containing more than ten drivers, at least two drivers must request restarts. Drivers requesting a restart are expected to continue racing while they await a decision.

Rules and enforcement[edit]

Drivers are expected to conduct themselves according to the general principles of good sportsmanship. All drivers are expected to save replays immediately after each heat to allow for review of the race if necessary. Punishable behaviour falls under four categories:

  • Disregard for track boundaries
  • Avoidable contact with other drivers
  • Requesting a restart for the sole purpose of improving one's start
  • Other behaviour which tends to disrupt the race meeting

Such behaviour that is observed by or reported to the Chief Steward will be punished - according to its severity - with one or more of the punishments listed below, at the Chief Steward's absolute discretion. If the punishable behaviour is not seen to advantage the driver involved or to disrupt the race of other drivers, it is less likely to be subject to punishment.

Reporting infractions[edit]

Reports must be made within 48 hours of the end of the race event and should include the following information:

  • Driver being reported
  • Punishable behaviour engaged in
  • Advantage gained by said behaviour and/or disadvantage caused to other drivers
  • Heat number, lap number and approximate location on track

The driver making the report should be readily identifiable and prepared to make a copy of the replay available to the Chief Steward if necessary. A similar procedure should be followed for reporting errors in the results recorded on the Google Doc.


A non-exhaustive list, from least to most severe:

  1. First warning
  2. Final warning (does not require a first warning)
  3. Time added to heat result
  4. Loss of placing
  5. Exclusion from heat results
  6. Loss of points
  7. Suspension from the next [1 to 3] race meetings
  8. Expulsion from the series/banned from the club

Series report[edit]

Pre-season test races showed that src_ej6, b_berger and BlackDog had gotten to grips with the formula quickly. Others present had some ground to make up before the series starts in earnest.

Throughout the series, src_ej6, BlackDog and SMOKEN-FOOLS maintained a high rate of attendance with consistent performances, which allowed them to pull away from the pack and end the series on the podium, in that order. b_berger demonstrated a degree of untapped potential with strong performances at those races he did attend, though this was only enough for fifth due to his low attendance. sickorigami took advantage of this to scoop up fourth overall.