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OVGAE86 is our weekly 4 wheeled rice cooker series in rFactor2 organized by Undisputed Drift King Tannerumi Foustiwara. Races are every Saturday at 20:00 GMT.

If you want to join, please sign up on the Google Document.

Download and Installation Instructions[edit]

rFactor 2 is playable online with a pirated copy. Mega and Google Drive all have the same files, choose whatever site you'd like. Links are on the Google document.

For Yohoho Copies[edit]

1) Download the game off of the Google doc.

2) Run "Run Config.bat" in the Bin64 folder to set up (some) grafics settings, and enabling VR if you have it.

3) Launch into single player with "Run Game.bat" located in the Bin64 folder. Set your controls, other grafics options and whatever else in here. If in doubt, set all your graphics to the lowest and visible cars to 12-18.

4) Open "Run Game - Multiplayer.bat" located in the Bin64 folder with a text editor. Replace the IP address and port with

5) Join the server with the "Run Game - Multiplayer.bat" located in the Bin64 folder.


Please launch the game only with these .bin files. Using the .exe in the Launcher folder may break stuff.

How Do I Connect to the Server?[edit]

Join the server with the Run Game - Multiplayer.bat located in Bin64.

For a legit copy create a desktop shortcut using Steam and set the path to steam://rungameid/365960// +connect


Three races, 15 minutes each. Standing start.

Bind a button to turn your headlights on/off. If you don't have your headlights on if the race goes to night, you will get disqualified. If you have a potato computer, go to your player.JSON file located in USERDATA\player\ and change the line Max Headlights= to 3.

Don't drive like an idiot, and pay attention to the flags. Blue flag means you're being lapped. Don't fight or defend from the car(s) behind you, but also don't just stop in the middle of the road as this is really annoying and dangerous.

Don't flip Marko Tulska. Unless it's Flip Marko Tulska Day or if flipping him would be really funny.


DON'T ask about Drift Club! at 3AM

Create chat binds to spam the Forza Horizon 4 drift club quick chats.

Restart Procedure[edit]

Race will be restarted if needed.

Track Limits[edit]

Curbs are part of the track, two wheels on is fine. Feel free to go wide (over the white line/curbs) on exits. Any genuine cutting that isn't already punished by the game you'll be called a fag and/or kicked from the race.


Check out RBDK's skinning guide found here - new version v4 November 2020: https://mega.nz/file/v51hHQyR#SqMXVdWy69HWzx6uXteEMTL9IuGcEJG6-50XGqmPyhs

Templates are located in the Mega folder linked on the Google doc.

Ignore the part where it says to create your own car. If you do so the game won't upload your skin to the server. Just select your skin as an alternate skin for a team that is already in the mod.

Extra Stuff[edit]

- Do you want to be at least decent at racing? Are you shit? Are you new to multiplayer racing games and you don't think you're shit? Please read How to Practice and Finish Well.

- Presence on Mumble is not mandatory, but encouraged. Especially if you want to hear dumb chatter and the occasional funny rage, or if your game shits the bed it's much easier to get help with it quickly that way.

- While the series is open for anyone to join, please practice until you feel comfortable around the track before joining the race.

- Theses cars do not have Anti-Lock Brakes or Traction Control. You can turn these assists on anyway in the game options, or by pressing F8 and F9, but be aware that you will incur a weight penalty by using them. The weight penalty is removed if you take the assist off, including in the middle of driving. Yes.

- Have a penalty? Need to pit for damage? Read this.

- If you are experiencing low fps and your game seems to be in slow motion, try reading this.


None. Fuel usage is off.

How do I Change My Name?[edit]

\AppData\Roaming\.rFactor edit the rFactor.name file in a text editor.