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Cold Version is the first installment in the Saturday fun series hosted in Assetto Corsa.

Car Rules[edit]

The car rules are pretty lax. You can drive anything you want, be it an SUV, a limousine, a vintage car and so on. The only things that are not allowed are racecars. That includes GT4, rally cars, cup cars etc. You can build your own car using whatever methods you want, as long as its based on a road going, production car. The restrictions are:

- 250hp per 1000kg

- No traction control (Will be disabled on the server). Abs is allowed.

- No active aero/drs/kers/nitrous/adjustable boost

- FWD/RWD -> Semislicks

- AWD -> Street tires v.10

How can I tune my own car?[edit]

 ! if you modify a car make a new copy with a different folder name, without spaces that will break sounds, use CM to replace sounds with ones from the OG car

quickBMS is a program that opens up the .acd file of a car that contains all the data you need to tune up.

Car tuner is a nice little app that helps you open the car data without going through quickBMS, as this program uses it itself for you. Keep in mind though, that the version you create will an additional version of the car you are tuning, so you will have to fiddle with some extra stuff to make it an individual car. This will not be an issue if the car you are using is a kunos car(base game or DLC), but it will be if you are using a mod car, as it will make the download files unnecessarily big.

Another good app to use is content manager. If you just want to swap tyres, content manager can do that with just a few clicks. You can even re-pack a car data folder to .acd as well.

From there you can edit the files as you want and create your own tuner version of a car. Add more horsepower, add a turbo, lower the weight, make the suspension more adjustable and so on. Just don't go crazy with it and make it too OP. I'll leave it to the creators judgement, but I will check for any blatant cheating, such as a 100kg car or using ultra wide tyres or super strong brakes.

If a car is still a tad too overpowered there will be a mild BoP via added weight from the server.

Send all your shitboxes to so they can be added to the car pack.

Alternatively you can just pick a stock content car and just run that if it comes with the appropriate tires.