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OVGAC Hillclimb is a Friday series, organised by Purple Heart and it is ran in Assetto Corsa.

Signups can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vlVjNh8r6o_KYUFHf7Hcp8ZaYS5lsEZwFvTeu_K_c1Q/edit#gid=1144617112

Car Rules[edit]

Pick any car you want as long as it's considered a purpose built racecar. No road cars allowed.

Kunos stock content is allowed. Kunos DLC is allowed. Mods are allowed.

Mods with inflated filesizes will be dealt with accordingly. Measures will be taken to reduce its filesize such as deletion of unnecessary skins. Worst case scenario the mod in question will be disallowed entirely.


If for whatever reason your car mod does not make it to the modpack/server you can still compete using Kunos content.

You are allowed to change cars for each round, as long as you update your entry in the Google document before the modpack deadline. Modpack deadline is 24 hours before the designated start of the event.

Please make sure your car's folder under content/cars is in ALL LOWERCASE. Any capital letters in it will cause issues in-game.

Open Wheelers[edit]

Fantasy concepts (Red Bull X2010, Ferrari F1 Concept, etc.) are allowed only at the series organizer's discretion.

Modern open wheelers for top level series (Indycar, F1, Super Formula, Formula E, etc.) are allowed.

Modern open wheelers for junior level series (Formula Renault 3.5, F2, etc.) are allowed.

Classic open wheelers are allowed, regardless of era. This also includes pre-war Grand Prix cars like the Bugatti Type35B.

Endurance Prototypes[edit]

Modern endurance prototypes (LMP1, LMP2, DPi, etc.) are allowed.

Classic endurance sportscars (ex Porsche 917, Mazda 787B, etc.) are allowed, regardless of era.

Endurance GTs[edit]

Modern GTs (GT3, GTE, etc.) are allowed.

Classic GTs are allowed, regardless of era.

Silhouette Cars[edit]

Modern silhouette cars (ex. DTM, Super GT) are allowed.

Classic silhouette cars (ex. DRM, Classic Trans Am) are allowed, regardless of era.

Stock Cars[edit]

Modern stock cars (ex. NASCAR COT, NASCAR Gen 6, etc.) are allowed.

Classic stock cars are allowed, regardless of era.

Touring Cars[edit]

Modern touring cars (ex. TCR, WTCC TC1, V8 Supercars, etc.) are allowed.

Classic touring cars (ex. 90s DTM, 90s BTCC, etc.) are allowed, regardless of era.

Rally Cars[edit]

Modern rally cars (ex. WRC) are allowed.

Modern rallycross cars (ex. FIA World RX) are allowed.

Classic rally cars are allowed, regardless of era.

Time Attack Cars[edit]

Purpose built time attack cars (ex. KRB Lotus Esprit, Under Suzuki S15) are allowed.

Purpose built hillclimb cars (ex. Georg Plasa E36) are allowed.

"Tuned" road cars (ex. FEED RX7, Abflug GT-R R34, etc.) are NOT allowed.

Fantasy Cars[edit]

Allowed or disallowed at series organizer's discretion.

Custom Cars/Builds[edit]

Allowed or disallowed at series organizer's discretion.

I'm not sure what to pick/I don't know if my car is allowed[edit]

Just ask the series organizer.

Balance of Performance[edit]

There is none. Run what ya brung. What you link into the doc is what gets used in the server.

Time Trial Procedure[edit]


- Enter server on the designated time and wait for race control to start the event and call your name.

- Line up before the start line.

- Race control will initiate countdown before your run. You can start your run once you hear 'GO'.

- Assetto Corsa should take care of timing by itself. Your time as stated in server messages will be the time set in the standings.

Time Trial Rules[edit]

Just follow procedure and don't be a dick.

Each round you will have 5 attempts to set a time. Drivers will only go one at a time. The fastest time from these attempts will be recorded in the final standings.

Latecomers will be counted as DNS in every attempt they have missed.

If you mess up the line-up procedure, you can ESC back to pits and redo the procedure. Just don't waste everyone's time or you'll get kicked or maybe even earn a series ban.

A car crash, or a disconnection from the server in the middle of an attempt will be considered a DNF, and you have to wait for your next attempt to try again. You can only redo your run from an aborted start granted at Race Control's discretion. If you spin or have a car crash but are still able to continue the run, you have the option of ESCing back to pits, or continuing. Note that if you ESC back to pits in this situation the attempt will be considered a DNF and you will have to wait for the next attempt to try again.


- Presence on Mumble is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

- Make sure to download the track and every car that will be posted in the thread for the race day, or else you might get a mismatch and you will not be able to join the server

- While the series is open for anyone to join, please practice until you feel comfortable around the track before joining the race.