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A GT2 class Corvette C6

A collection of motorsports resources found all around the internet. Expand your racing knowledge and understanding of topics from driving techniques, to circuit guides and vehicle setup.

General Motorsports Guides[edit]

Advanced Circuit Driving Techniques: ACDT

Book on the Physics of Racing Physics of Racing by Brian Beckman

SAFEisFAST YouTube series, with videos on every level of physical racing from driving techniques and setup guides to career development and driver safety: [1]

Skip Barber's Going Faster:

You can find videos on YT for Skip Barber guides on every track.

EmptyBox video on racing online:


Be sure to watch more of his videos in the Sim Racing 101 playlist.

Track Guides[edit]

Circuit Guide of Donington Park

A guide to the Nürburgring: Nürburgring guide

Laguna Seca: Laguna Seca Guide

Watkins Glen: Watkins Glen

How to drive on an airport: Sebring

British tracks need some loving too: Donington


If you can't understand half the shit we are saying Motorsport terms

Random interesting info How to take a corner & Nordschleife