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GeneRally is a freeware fixed-camera racing game released in 2003 by a couple of Finnish dudes. The game quickly spawned a large add-on community and nearly every aspect of the game is moddable. It'll run on virtually any PC, and plays very well with either a Keyboard OR Gamepad.

The game can be found here, the latest version being 1.2c:

It'll take less than five minutes to configure everything, and you'll learn very quickly that messing around with shit like fuel consumption and tire wear is totally up to you based on how you want the race to play out.

My personal collection of Add-On cars can be found here. Honest to god, it's everything worthwhile that's been released for GR since the game's inception:

It is best not to install everything into the "cars" folder at once.

My personal collection of Add-On tracks can be found here. While not EVERY track ever made for GR, it's the best versions of almost all major racing circuits, categorized by racing series, era, and geography, plus a few surprises:

Unlike cars, you can simply extract the entire "Tracks" zip inside GeneRally's "Tracks" folder and let everything overwrite.

OVGT3 for Gene-Rally

The OVGT3 Add-On Pack for Gene-Rally was a five minute project designed to bring OVG's AC Multiplayer sessions into GeneRally. The pack features 2 cars, 9 tracks, and tons of tripfags from OVG, rated from 101 - 105.


[GT3] McLaren MP4-12C

[GT3] BMW Z4




Monza 66