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Where to Buy/Download?

You can purchase rFactor 2 through Steam.

Alternatively, you can download the game here.

All downloads below are outdated and unnecessary.

Cracked Build 1111 Password(s) is cs.rin.ru Remember to read the FAQ at the bottom of the page if you need help.

Cracked Ultralite Build 1028

rF2 1052 Update from 1028-1036

rF2 1052 Crack

rF2 1080 Update + Crack

rF2 1084 Update + Crack

rF2 1098 Update + Crack

rF2 1108 Update + Crack


How to Install


1. Go to your Steam libary.

2. Click on "rFactor2"

3. Click on "Install"

4. Play

Not Steam

1. Download the files as instructed above.

2. Extract the ultralite build somewhere on your computer. We recommend C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor 2

3. Copy the updated files over this install, or direct the update .exe to this directory.

4. Once updated to the latest version, copy over the latest crack.

5. Paste the launcher in this folder: /rfactor2/launcher

6. Download at least 1 car and track .rfcmp file and put them in your packages directory. This is usually located in the rFactor 2 root directory.

7. Open the launcher and install the car and track.

8. Play the game through the launcher.

If you are experience somewhat low FPS and are travelling slower than you should be, try reading this.

Setting Up Your Wheel

Plug it and and play, rFactor 2's default wheel setup is more than adequate to get you going.

Official Content

Templates and Content Mirrors



Brabham-Repco BT20 1.60

Eve Historic Formula 1-3 1.50

Howston Dissenter 1974 1.02

Howston G4 1.30

Howston G6 1.30

Spark Historic Formula 1-3 1.50

Open Wheel

Dallara DW12 1.65

Formula 2 1.42

Formula ISI 1.60

Formula Renault 3.5 2010 1.44

Formula Renault 3.5 2014 1.20

Marussia-Cosworth MR01 1.43

Skip Barber 1.54

USF2000 1.0


Chevrolet Camaro GT3 1.61

Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 1.62

Nissan 370Z GT4 1.47

Nissan GT-R GT1 1.60


Honda Civic NGTC 1.08

Renault Clio 197 1.63

Renault Megane Trophy 1.02


AC Cars AC 427 1.03

Chevrolet Corvette C6 Coupe 1.01

Chevrolet Corvette (C6) Grand Sport 1.01

Chevrolet Corvette (C6) Z06 1.01

Chevrolet Corvette (C6) ZR1 1.01

Honda NSX 1.0

Panoz AIV Roadster 0.96


Boxmaster 0.99

Formula RC 1.02

Interceptor Quad 0.92

Karts 1.40

Palatov D4 1.38

Stock Cars 1.04


====Ovals==== ovals links do not work

Alabama Superspeedway 1.0

Apple Valley Speedway 1.06

Eagle Creek Speedway 1.02

Indianapolis Motor Speedway 1.70

Jacksonville Superspeedway 1.02

Joesville Speedway 1.0

Mountain Peak Speedway 1.20

Northside International Raceway 1.10

Palm Springs Speedway 1.08

Tracks with right turns too

Atlanta Motorsports Park 1.0

Bathurst 1.02

Autodromo di Mores 1.02

Belgium (Spa) 1966 2.01

Brianza (Monza) 1966 2.0

Lime Rock Park 2.0

Loch Drummond 1.10

Longford 1967 0.99

Lost Valley 0.9

Malaysia 1.58

Matsusaka (Suzuka) 1.0

Mills Metro Park 2.0

Monte Carlo 1966 2.0

Montreal 1.01

Palm Beach Intl. Raceway 2.02

Portugal (Estoril) 2.0

Quebec SuperKart 1.07

Sau Paulo (Interlagos) 1.01

Sardian Heights 1.0

Silverstone Circuit 1.35

Tiger Moth Aerodrome 1.02

Toban Raceway Park 1.0


/ovg/ Server Package Download




ASR GP3 1.2

Ferrari F1-2000 1.0

Formula 5000 1969 0.83

Formula Ford 0.624

GP2 1.02

Indycar 1960s 1.0

International Formula 3 0.9

Japanese Super Formula 1.40

Red Bull X1 2010 1.0


Group C 0.95


Peugeot Sport 207s2000 1.11

Clio WRX 1.03


Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 1.1B

Lola T290 1.0

Street cars

BMW E34 M5 3.8 0.43

Datsun 240z 1.80

Nissan 240ZX Drift 0.8

Toyota AE86

Toyota GT86

Toyota MR2 Mk1 0.2

happy little civics

Tin-top/Touring cars

Apex Modding FIA GT3 0.92

BTCC Mod 1.2

Enduracers Flat 6 1.0

Ford Escort MkII RS 1800 rF2r Challenge 1.2

FVR V8 Supercars 2014

GSC 2012 Stock Cars 1.50

Toyota Celica GTO 1987 1.072

U t R t D DTM cars

U t R t D EGT cars (ask for link in mumble)

U t R t D PX cars (ask for link in mumble)




Nazareth Speedway (Minor upgrades to Virtua_LM version)

Texas World Speedway and Road Course

Phoenix International Raceway

Tracks with right turns too

Akagi 1.1

3 Millas 1.38

Adelaide 1.04


Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Classic v1.5

Autodrom Most 1.0

Assen TT 1.2

Barbagallo 1.0

Bathurst 2010 0.90

Birmingham Road Course 1.18

Botniaring 0.91

Blackwood 1.34

Brands Hatch 0.74 Laser Scanned

Brands Hatch 1.01

Bremgarten GP 1954 0.85

Brno 1.0

Bryce Canyon 0.90

Bugatti Circuit 0.95

Cadwell Park 1.5

Carolina Motorsports Park .8

Castle Combe 1.0

Circuito de Jerez 1.21

Circuito di Milano 1.0

Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona AC Laser Scanned 0.8

Circuit of the Americas 1.1

Croft 1.0

Curitiba 1.0


Donington 1.2

Dubai Autodrome 1.1

Eastern Creek 0.69

Elaintarharata Eltsu 1.01

Essington Park 1.04

Fabulous Recreational Area 0.55

Frank n Beanz Ring 0.86

Fuji 1993 0.97

Haute Saintonge 0.99B

Hidden Valley 0.4

Highlands Motorsport Park 1.0

High Speed Ring 1.1

Hockenheimring 1.1

Homebush 1.0

Imola 1.01

Imola AC Laser Scanned 1.2

Istanbul 1.1

Klausenpass 0.95

Knockhill 1.2b

La Chatre 0.4

Laguna Seca 1.14

Le Mans 1991-96 1.0

London 1.0

Macau 1.0

Magnificent Park 0.86

Magny Cours 1.45

Mantorp 1.01

Melbourne 2.07

Mid Ohio 2.02


Morgan Park Raceway 0.6

Mosport 0.901

Motorsport Ranch 1.1

Mountain Forest 0.92

MWM Arena Layout 3 0.74

Nordschleife Laser Scanned 0.60 (Patch for 0.60)

Norisring 1.1

Nsuka 0.8

Oran Park 0.73

Oschersleben 1.0

Oulton Park 1.24

Paul Ricard HTTT 0.92

Pikes Peak 0.95a

Pikes Peak Gravel

Pocoyo Park 1.60

Poznan Circuit 1.01

Project Touge 0.56

Pukekohe 1.7

Red Bull Ring 1.2

Road Atlanta 0.75

Rouen 0.96

Ring Knutstorp 1.0

Sachsenring 1.00

Sandown 1.51

San Francisco 1.0

Sebring 2.02

Silverstone 1975 1.4

Slovakiaring 1.05

Snetterton 1.0

Sochi 2.08

Sonoma 0.99

Spa Francorchamps 1.48

Spa Francorchamps Laser Scanned 0.91 (deprecated, use FSR)

Spa Francorchamps Laser Scanned - FSR Version

Spielberg Historic

Suzuka 1.00

Symmons Plain 0.95

Targa Florio 0.13

The Shojo 1.1

Thruxton 0.72

Tokyo 2.0

Transfagarasan 0.57

Trento Bondone 0.35

Troyton Raceway 0.96

Valencia 2.04

Valencia Street Circuit 1.03

Vice City 0.20

Watkins Glen 0.4

Skin packs

Skip Barber F1 livery pack (December 15th) (1975 Hesketh, 1980 Brabham BT49, 1991 Tyrrell F1, 1992 Footwork Arrows, 1994 Ferrari F1, 1997 Jordan Grand Prix, 2000 Minardi, 2005 BAR Honda, 2005 Renault F1, 2009 Brawn GP, 2013 Marussia F1)

Content Creation, Modding, and Converting




MAS files

Skinning and Templates

Handy guide on Getting Skins Into rFactor 2

BTCC Templates https://mega.nz/#!50oWnTIa!5FUfRYq-E32uX4wpsHe0aRK6PnWHy9SwoKyCmPqcvoQ

HOW TO NAME YOUR FILES FOR THE BTCC SKINS (and any other multi-texture car)

You need to follow a naming convention to get everything to show up ingame even though you put it into the .mas file. The name of the .mas must reflect the names of the skins.

My .mas file for this car is called 52alt.mas, so my texture files must be named 52alt[TYPE].dds, or else rf2 will not see them

So my body is 52alt.dds, my spoiler is 52altEXTRA5.dds, wheels 52altEXTRA8.dds, and windows 52altWINDOW.dds

So as long as XXaltTYPE is followed and in the same order as your .mas filename, you can get it in the game

To get the skin on a server, you simply go on the serve and wait in the pitbox for your skin to upload, then everyone else can get it from the server. Your skin needs to be a .mas and seperate from the other skins (you need to click in the TUNING screen on ...NEW CAR/DRIVER FROM CURRENT and input your info), if it's just an alternative for an existing car, it doesnt work every time

In the NEW CAR/DRIVER box, you input as follows (example from RBDKs Stock Car) Driver name: RBDK Team name: Ford Racing Team MAERSK Car description: #52 MAERSK RBDK Car number: 52


For URD skins the structure is a little different. It is important that you name your skins exactly as follows (example with #52 Corvette C7R)

Body file: 52_ALT.dds, Rear Window: 52_ALTrwin.dds, Wing: 52_ALTwing.dds, Banner: 52_ALTban.dds

Saved into a .mas file name 52_ALT

For a Porsche 911 it would be

Body: 52_ALT.dds, Banner: 52_ALTbaner.dds (YES ONLY ONE 'N', VERY IMPORTANT!!!!), Wing: 52_ALTrwing.dds, Windows: 52_ALTwindows.dds


How do I make my own mods /host my own server?

Here's a handy document that should hopefully help you understand the process of creating mods from existing content and setting up a server.

How do I change my in-game name?

Go to %appdata%, open the .rFactor folder and open the file 'rFactor.name' with a text editor. The first line is what your first name is in-game, the second line is what your last name is in-game, and the third line is your nickname in-game. These can be changed to anything you want.

If you downloaded the cracked version, you may not have a .rFactor folder. If so, create it and the rFactor.name file inside it, then fill in your details yourself.

If this still doesn't work, try changing "Player Nick":"your nickname" in your player.json in Userdata\player. Also try changing the name in Bin64\steam_emu.ini and Launcher\steam_emu.ini files.

My computer runs rFactor 1 fine, why does this run so poorly?

rFactor 2 is a big step up from rFactor 1, both graphically and technically, rFactor 2 features an advance tyre model, weather effects, improved lighting, and much, much more! Thus that GeForce 7900 you bought 10 years ago doesn't cut it anymore. Stop being poor and upgrade your computer.

I downloaded the cracked version 1111, where do I install .rfcmp's(mods)?

Create a folder named 'Packages' inside the rFactor 2 folder, and when you are in the launcher make sure it is looking in that folder for the .rfcmp files.

I downloaded and installed the cars/tracks, but I still can't join the server.

Though the game should do this automatically, try downloading the .rfmod (of the current round) located in the mega link on the Google doc, placing it in the 'Packages' folder, and installing it. If it isn't on the Google doc try complaining in the thread/Mumble/Discord and it'll probably be uploaded for you.