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What Is This Brand New Never Before Seen Racing Simulation?[edit]

While this game may look, feel, and sound very suspiciously like Project CARS 2 (which in turn looks, feels and sounds very much like rFactor 2), it is infact in no way similar to anything aforementioned. Developed by Slightly Made Studios, Project KOGAY is its own free-to-play, possibly pay-to-win, grind free racing simulation. Coded and compiled by "Blakarot" with art from "Gohan Blanco 100% Ciento" and "SSJX Shaggy Rojo", this game is endorsed by Russian billionaire banker turned Blancpain GT3 PRO driver Vadim Kogay himself, and ready to take on the big future titles in sim racing such as Kunos Simulazioni's upcoming title Assetto Corsa Fettuccine Alfredo and SimBin's vaporware pay-to-not-grind mobile phone game iGTR3.

Rules and Helpful Things[edit]


Download the CommonTreeTextures.7z file if you don't have a potato for a PC. Place it in Project OVGT3\Pakfiles\Tracks.

Download the Pitstops.7z file or your game will hang on loading when trying to join a session already in progress. Place it in Project OVGT3\Pakfiles\Pitstops.

Turn Detailed Grass in the graphics settings to OFF (your game will crash otherwise), or download this file and place it in Pakfiles\Tracks.

The only cars included are GT3's and Ferrari F355, along with the first car in alphabetical order of every manufacturer that has a GT3. Don't click on any other cars or your game will crash. To make it easier for yourself, sort by class at the top when choosing a car. There is currently only one track included, which is Sugo. If you pick a track that isn't in the files, your game will crash.

Launch with ProjectCARS2AVX.exe


There will almost always be two xx minute races per weekend. Since there is no way to go directly to a second race after the first (I think?), the server will need to be reset, and a qualifying session will need to be run again.

Cool Features That Are Definitely NOT Bugs[edit]

Much like real life, the setup on your car sometimes reverts to default when you pull out of the pit box. Make sure you save and then load whatever setup you were working on before going on track, as it might have applied the default setup onto your car.


Look over all the keybinds, there is a ton of useful on track things in there that you'll want to know such as the Car Management menu, which is the only way to adjust your TCS on track. Cycle MoTeC LCD is another neat feature, especially if you play with the HUD off. You'll want to bind a key for headlights and wipers, incase there is a night and/or rain race.

Force Feedback[edit]

You might want to use Jack Spade's FFB Files. I have no idea where to even start to help you pick one, but for reference I use Tire High Comp (I like feeling the tire in my FFB no matter the game) on my belt driven wheel.

FFB is directly derived from physics like rFactor 2. Bind FFB Volume and Tone adjustment keybinds in the Assistance tab. You can view your FFB strength, and see if you're clipping with the telemetry HUD. You can bind a key to Cycle HUD Display on the Game tab to access the telemetry HUD in game.

Gain - always at 100, use Volume to adjust the global FFB level to taste.

Tone - more or less balances Mz/Fy and generally should stay at default 50.

FX - controls the level of bumps, kerbs, grass, scrub and road noise, level to taste.

Graphics Settings[edit]

Download CommonTreeTextures and place it in Pakfiles\Tracks if your computer can handle having trees being rendered.

Make sure Detailed Grass is set to off unless you downloaded livegrassmeshes, or your game will hang on loading the track.

How Do I Create A Custom Livery?[edit]

Download the template on the Google doc. Use the Google and/or the skinning guide on the wiki to find out how to save a .dds. Save the file with the same name into Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries.

Project KOGAY is an advanced pay driver simulation, where you're only able to use the cars provided to you, and as such you can not create your own livery for everyone else to see. It instead will show up as a plain white car when viewed by other simulators online, unless the person also replaced the same .dds file in their simulator.

System Requirements[edit]


OS: Windows 10 Enterprise

Processor: 3.6 GHz Intel Core i9 9900k, 3.5 GHz AMD TR4 2920X

Memory: 32 GB RAM

Graphics: RTX 2080 or equivalent

DirectX: Version 13

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 75 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card