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Juiced is the alternative ricing simulator from the mid 00s. It's mostly better than whatever NFS could shit in those years, but it didn't age as well. The menus and the CGI bits are now feeling really old and cheesy but as far as gameplay goes it's pretty great.

Getting Juiced to run on non-antique Windows OS

Installing the game

Installing the game is straightforward and shouldn't be an issue. You'll have to patch (US| EU) to get it to run without silly compatibility issues. I couldn't find a crack for that version, but there are mini-images you can use without a crack.

Fixing the control rebinding issue

As Juiced was made by console developers the PC version is pretty crappy and relies on obsolete DirectX features to work, thus breaking the control binding menu. To fix this issue:

  • Acquire the missing DLLs: either boot up an old XP machine and copy dimap.dll and diactfrm.dll from System32 or download them from here
  • Put the DLLs in %windir%\SysWOW64 (64-bit OS) or %windir%\System32 (32-bit OS)
  • Start a Command Prompt as admin and run these commands:
    • cd ../SysWOW64 (only if you're running on a 64-bit OS)
    • regsvr32 diactfrm.dll

If everything went well, you should be able to rebind the keys.