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GTR 2 - FIA GT Racing Game is a racing simulation developed by SimBin for PC and released in 2006. The sim focuses on GT racing cars, specifically the 2003 and 2004 FIA GT Series and the 24 Hours of Spa. Despite it's age, it's considered one of the finest racing sims ever made, especially for GT cars.

Installation Guide

Base Game

You can easily find torrents of the game via pb or kickass. Once you have the game downloaded and the image mounted (google it), run the setup and install as you normally would. No goyim, downloading games is illegal. Just give Gaben a few shekels and you can have it legally through Steam. Yes, good goy. Just want to remind you guys that the Steam Version does not have Ferrari and Porsche.

1.1 Patch & No-CD patch

NOTE: These instructions are only for the non-steam version of the game. I have no clue how the Steam version is set up.
1. Download your appropriate 1.1 patch from here:

2. Run the patch installer as you normally would.
3. Download the No-CD exe from here:

4. Copy the No-CD GTR2.exe and paste it into your main GTR2 directory, overwriting the GTR2.exe that's already present.
5. Download the "Online Lobby" patch from here:

6. Run the patch installer as you normally would.

4 GB Patch

No you're not done yet. Yes this is a necessity, unless you love CTDs for some reason.
1. Download the 4GB utility from here:

2. Extract the zip somewhere and run the exe inside of it.
3. Navigate to your GTR2 main folder and select GTR2.exe. Click OK.
5. A window will pop up saying 'Executable Successfully Patched!' Click OK. YOU'RE DONE.

Recommended Mods

1. Super GT500 v4.0:
2. Super GT300 v1.3:
3. Super GT300 Extra Car Pack:
4. EEC GT3 Base Mod 3.0:
5. EEC GT3 Sounds:
6. Grid Prototype Mod 6.0
Part 1:
Part 2:
7. Super Touring Mod:
8. Scratch-made 919 Hybrid: