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Thanks to the industry-leading online component developed by the great minds from Playground Games, Forza Horizon 4 requires the players to think outside the box to host any sort of series half properly on this game.

This page explains how to join such an event.


Join the WATR club

Signing up on the doc[edit]

Every proper /ovg/ series has its own sheet on the /ovg/ doc, linked in the OP.

  • Open the doc
  • Find the /ovgfh4/ sheet
  • Fill in what's needed, try to include your Gamertag in the name column (at least as a note)

Halfway there, good job!


Registering for the Xbox party[edit]

To make it easier to send out invites and coordinate, we use Xbox scheduled parties. Parties come with voice chat but it should not be used, Mumble is preferred.

  • Open the WATR club
  • Select the "Looking for Group" tab
  • Find the FH4 post, click on it
  • Click "I'm interested", type some meme text and press OK

You're officially registered, congratulations!

Joining the actual race[edit]

At the scheduled event start time you'll get an invite to join the race party, join it. When everyone is connected to the party, the leader will send out invites to join the Horizon Convoy. When everyone is in the same Horizon Life session, the leader will start hosting events.