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So you have the next big idea and want some help making it real? You've come to the right place!

Create the doc[edit]

There is a template available in the /ovg/ doc for easy doc creation.

  • Open the doc
  • Click on the hamburger menu at the bottom left
  • Find the "doc template" sheet in the list, open it
  • Right click the template tab at the bottom, select Duplicate
  • Rename the copy to your awesome series short name (/ovgfh4/ + a suffix if needed)
  • Edit all the fields in the doc with the names, round list, etc.

Advanced doc features[edit]

This section is a good read if you want to put any effort into your series, otherwise just go with the flow and skip that.

  • When entering race dates, type it in full length with a GMT start time (for instance, 11/10/2018 20:00)
    • This allows proper start time calculation
    • Note that in the Format->Number menu there's a preset for the short dates typically used (it's labelled 26-Sep)
  • Start time calculation is achieved by setting the race index in BT31
    • Make sure the days reading in BT33 is positive
    • Typically you need to increment the index by 2 for each race because of 2 column wide race events

Creating the event in the WATR club[edit]

  • As before, find the WATR club
  • Select the Looking for Group tab
  • Click on Create post
  • Select FH4
  • Fill in the data
    • Race start hour is in your local time
    • Set your post name to something recognizable, ideally the series' name
    • Remember that Horizon Convoys are limited to 12 people so going past need 11 may not be useful

Starting the event proper[edit]

  • At the scheduled event start, find your post in the LfG section
  • Click "Gather party"
  • Wait for everyone to join the party
  • Click Invite -> Invite party to game
  • Wait for everyone to join your Horizon Convoy
    • Monitor that in the Horizon Convoy menu (Y button from pause)
    • Wait until everyone has a car, this is the sign they're properly loaded into the session
  • Start hosting your events