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Join WATR today!

Why would I want to join a club to play with people from /ovg/?[edit]

Clubs in Horizon offer a great deal of awesome benefits:

  • Different Drivatar names, so the AI that rams you off is named after a shit /fvg/ driver and not a random person
  • Rudimentary series hosting facilities

If those points do not convince you of joining WATR right this instant, I don't know what will!

As a kid my mother used to use my head to bash doors open, how do I join the club?[edit]

Thank you for asking, in WATR we are very welcoming of low IQ people so I'm going to explain you how to join this open-minded community and change the way you play Horizon 4 forever!

  • Reach level 20, to qualify for the Horizon Roster
    • Should take 4 hours tops
    • Do online adventure as soon as unlocked (Horizon Winter IIRC), and then ranked online adventure as soon as it's unlocked (Rank 3 in Team Adventure)
this button right here
    • Destroy any bonus board you see for easy Influence
  • Find the clubs tab in the pause menu (the one you access by pressing escape)
  • Select Search Club
  • In your club search interface, type WAT
  • Select the club
  • Press Join

Congratulations, you're in! Alternatively use the club URL [1]

So what now?[edit]

You're ready to join /ovg/ series on Horizon 4, provided they still happen when you're reading this.