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Welcome to the 4th Gear My Winter Car -challenge! In this event, participants will scour the nettiauto.com/en/ website to find a used car priced under 3000€ that's rear wheel drive and road legal. They will then document their findings in the google doc, including their name, chosen car, and a link to the car listing. Additionally, participants must provide an image gallery showcasing their finished car for judging. Once participants have finished their cars they will go through a series of challenges in BeamNG multiplayer.



  • Open to all participants with access to the nettiauto.com/en/ website and be able to read and put their name in the doc.

Car listing specification rules

  • Participants must find a used car priced under 3000€.
  • The selected car must be rear wheel drive or AWD that can be made into RWD (driveshaft removal)
  • The car must also be road legal


  • Participants are required to write their name on the Google Doc.
  • The Google Doc should include the participant's name, chosen car, and a link to the car listing on nettiauto.com/en/
  • Participants MUST document the listing, screenshots showing the specs of the car and any information MUST be provided.
  • Participants must also document the listings for any of the swap parts they've intended to use.

Image Gallery

  • Participants must provide an image gallery showcasing their chosen car.
  • The gallery should contain a minimum of 5 high-quality images.

Automation Challenge

  • Participants must use Automation software to replicate their chosen car as closely as possible.
  • The car must use 195mm wide Hard Long Life tires
  • Car Trim year must be set to 2000
  • Car must have a tow bar added
  • Car must have its rear diff welded

Part Swapping

  • Participants are allowed to swap the transmission and engine but the total cost of the build cannot exceed over 3000€
  • All swap parts must be documented/screenshotted and they must be from https://www.autopurkaamot.com/ website.
  • You're allowed to swap engine and transmission you find a fitting one for your engine and car. Meaning the dimensions must fit in the car and the engine and transmission must be compatible with each other. If you're using the autopurkaamot.com website you can scroll down on any engine that has been listed to see other parts that have been sourced from the same car.

Submission Deadline

  • All submissions must be completed and uploaded by TBD.

Judging Criteria

  • Submissions will be judged based on the accuracy of the replicated car in Automation, its qualities as a winter sled car as well as the quality of the image gallery.
  • Submissions will also be judged on their performance in given challenges in BeamNG

How to Participate

Finding the Car
  • Search the nettiauto.com/en/ website to find a used car that meets the criteria.

Document Your Findings

  • Signup on Google Doc and include your name, chosen car, and a link to the car listing on nettiauto.com/en/

Image Gallery

  • Create an image gallery with a minimum of 5 high-quality images of your chosen car. Include pictures of the listings car and the listing itself.

Automation Challenge

  • Use the Automation software to replicate your chosen car. You must spec the car exactly like in the mobile.de listing. If you can't find things such as power/torque curves and gearings you can estimate them as long as peak torque/power and max speed matches.


  • Submit your Google Doc and Automation file by TBD.
  • Submit your cars .car file and the BeamNG ready export.

BeamNG Challenges

  • Participate in the BeamNG online challenge and compete against others.