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The 2017 /ovg/ Szilveszter Rally will take place on the 30th of December on RFactor. The event will consist of 4 stages covering just over 19 miles of special stages, two stages being run in the day and two being run at night.


Wednesday 15th November - Entries open

Saturday 23rd December - Recce videos released

Tuesday 26th December - Normal entries close for seeding

Thursday 28th December 11PM GMT - Skinpack deadline

Saturday 30th December:

11AM GMT - Late entries close

1PM GMT - Skinpack released

7:15-7:30PM GMT - Track released

7:55PM GMT - Server goes up, name is WAT: Szilveszter Rally pw is readthewiki

8PM GMT - Event begins


Entries must be made before the late entries time otherwise you will not be able to participate. To enter the event go to the google doc and fill in your details [1].

Rules & Procedure[edit]

Presence on mumble won't be mandatory but there will be a zero tolerance policy with people ignoring instructions and causing delays, not being on mumble is not an excuse.

The track will be uploaded 30-45 minutes before the start of the event to prevent pre event practising.

Start times will be issued based on seeded position and there will be 30 second gaps between each competitor starting SS1 & 3. For SS2 & 4 there will be no set starting time as this will be too difficult to manage on a logistics basis so to do a legitimate start on these stages you will simply need to start from a standing start. Failure to start any of these stages from a standing start will be seen as a jump start and will incur a 1 minute penalty. Repeat offenders will be disqualified and removed from the event.

You must use the skin which has your name and number on it, if you do not you will be kicked from the session.

There will be minimum and maximum stage times for this event like in real rallies, which mean if anyone goes under the minimum time they receive the minimum time and if anyone goes over the maximum time they receive the maximum time for the stage. These times will be released when the recce videos are released.

Cutting the stage is not allowed, cutting is defined as all four wheels off track on the inside of a corner.

If you retire during the first loop of stages (SS1/2) you will be given a stage maximum for any stages you fail to complete, but you will be able to restart the second leg under Rally2 if you wish. If you retire in the second loop (SS3/4) you will not be able to restart. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CONTINUE DRIVING FOR ANY REASON YOU MUST NOT GO BACK TO THE PITS AND RESTART THE STAGE, YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED FROM THE SERVER IF YOU DO SO. This rule is in place in order to make sure the timing is not broken.

After the end of SS2 the server will be restarted so that the time can be changed to night. A new starting order will be posted on mumble and in the thread, it will most likely be kept in seeded order unless there is serious need for some people to have their start position to be changed.


Jump Start - 1 Minute

Stage Cutting - 20 seconds per incident

Intentional Disruption - Disqualification

Holding up a faster driver for an unreasonable amount of time - 20 seconds per incident

Not finishing a stage - Stage Maximum for the stage


There will be three different types of pacenotes for this event, written, map and none. If you choose to use pacenotes you will need to write your own using the recce video, if you use a map one will be provided in the thread. Keep in mind that you will need to sort out your own form of communication as the main mumble channel can't be full of different crews trying to all drive at the same time.

Recce Videos

SS1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfOoRAE_vVk

SS2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd2mJBlhnqw

How to get from SS1 end to SS2 start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npk0SHiv3SU

Results, Ties & Protests[edit]

Results will be timed to 0.001 of a second.

There will be no tiebreakers, if a position is tied then both competitors get the same result.

Protests must be made within an hour of provisional results being published, if no protests are received then the results will be finalised.

Additional Information and links[edit]

All relevant links (live timing, templates, download links and skin email) can be found on the doc[2]. When making your skin do not include a number as your seeded number will be placed onto the skin.

SS1 Maximum - 10 Minutes

SS2 Maximum - 9 Minutes 20 Seconds

Any updates will be marked in red.